woensdag 12 februari 2014

Tuch down in Cologne and something to play with

Yesterday I went to Cologne by car. Next to me was the cool, fast and individual bakfiets from Vrijwiel. The city I had the pleasure to live in for a few years now has the pleasure to be host for the first Vrijwiel in Germany. If you want to meet it in its new habitat, have a look at the Kurf├╝rstenstra├če and maybe you are lucky.

 This is where it sleeps and dreams of the big tours to come.

And this grumpy looking man can be seen cycling around with it. Just ask him if he likes it, even though it doesn't seem like it on this picture, he usually doesn't bite.

There is also something new to give away, to keep or just to play with. A little Vrijwiel Solo for the people who want to start small before buying the real stuff. It's also a nice day dream device. Just imagine your next tour in it!