maandag 29 december 2014

What! Already time for 2015?

Wow, times flies when you're having fun. Another year has gone by and I've built some bikes in the workshop. I've totally forgot that I've promised to show more pictures about our vacation bikes. So here you go, one teaser picture of my holiday bike before the vacation.
Not only did this type of bike proof to be a reliable tour bike but it is also a quick and comfortable bike for everyday use. Besides the two bikes for private use I was able to make a customer happy with another one of these.

So what is Vrijwiel up to in 2015?

Two main things will happen. First I am already busy making plans to mass produce an affordable velomobile. I'm still looking for the possibilities to produce it as a kit. I know, I already wrote about it almost a year ago, but then things like getting married and so came in between. In 2015 I will pick it up again and with some luck and support from you guys I'm sure it will happen.

The second big step for Vrijwiel will be the finalization of above mentioned "holiday"-bike. For a good production quality I'll have to gear up in the tool department. This will automatically have a positive effect on the Vrijwiel Solo bikes as well, so let's hope I will finally find that bag of money.

These are the two main things happening in 2015 besides that I will produce some films, maw some lawns and will get distracted by a lot of side projects. Stay tuned and have a "guten Rutsch" to 2015.


vrijdag 12 december 2014

Tour d'Artistique op vliegbasis Soesterberg

The last weeks the Vrijwiel workshop was filled by a little caravan. Not a used one, mind you, Vrijwiel built a new bicycle caravan for the exposition Tour d'Artistique by Pet van de Luitgaarden.
It had to be small enough to pull it by bike but big enough to sleep and live in it with two people. First I came up with a downsized classic design of a "normal" caravan but after visiting Paul Elkins site I got inspired by his emergency shelter. Thanks Paul!
The cigar look was especially fitting since we've decided to sticker it with cigar bands. So if you want to check out the cigar-bicycle-caravan come this weekend to the old air force base in Soesterberg. I heard that the entrance was for free!