vrijdag 12 december 2014

Tour d'Artistique op vliegbasis Soesterberg

The last weeks the Vrijwiel workshop was filled by a little caravan. Not a used one, mind you, Vrijwiel built a new bicycle caravan for the exposition Tour d'Artistique by Pet van de Luitgaarden.
It had to be small enough to pull it by bike but big enough to sleep and live in it with two people. First I came up with a downsized classic design of a "normal" caravan but after visiting Paul Elkins site I got inspired by his emergency shelter. Thanks Paul!
The cigar look was especially fitting since we've decided to sticker it with cigar bands. So if you want to check out the cigar-bicycle-caravan come this weekend to the old air force base in Soesterberg. I heard that the entrance was for free!

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