zondag 28 april 2013


The last weeks I've been busy developing and building the first prototype of the Vrijwiel City.
Just in time for Queen's day I've finished it. Monday night and Tuesday during the day I will be standing on the Plompentorengracht in Utrecht with it. There you will be able to guess the weight of it. The person who has it right wins the bike!
You can make a guess once you have purchased one of the limited edition design key-rings that I've produced from leftovers of the original prototype.
As soon as the "one-hundred-player-mark" has been reached, the bike goes to the person who's guess is closest to the original weight. So from that point on, the bike will get a new owner anyway!
Need a new bike? Want a fancy one-of-it's-kind-bike? Come to Utrecht on Queen's day!

You can't come to Utrecht? Don't worry, if I can see a demand in the feedback I will take it into production.

The winner will be named on this blog.

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