dinsdag 7 mei 2013

...we got ourselfs a winner!

As posted before, there were 80 competitors who tried themselves in weighing the Vrijwiel City. Even though I first planned to give away the Vrijwiel City from 100 entries, due to the positive reactions of the crowd I've finally decided to do it at 80. According to this change of rules the new owner of the Vrijwiel City would have been the person who's estimation would be closest to the actual weight. Feeling quite generous about myself, I put the Vrijwiel City on the scales today, not knowing that there was one person in the crowd who is either very lucky, or who's weighing (or should I say, estimation-) skills are so developed that she doesn't need scales at all...
The winning estimation is: 15,27 kg which is the actual weight of the Vrijwiel City prototype!!!

I hereby congratulate Puck Imants with her new Vrijwiel City. As soon as she gets her bike, I will post pictures of the lucky winner.

4 opmerkingen:

Wilco Pompert zei

Dit is toch erg leuk.

Paul van Roekel zei

zo'n fiets zou je ook heel mooi kunnen (laten) beschilderen. Is ie (in te toekomst) ook te koop? En wat wordt dat de prijs?


Olaf zei

Beste Paul,
ik overweeg productie van de fiets. De introductieprijs zal volgens de actuele schatting €699,00 zijn.
De eerstvolgende stap is de productie van een nulserie van 5 stuks. Als je er interesse in hebt hoor ik het graag.
Groeten, Olaf

Olaf zei

Dank je wel ;o)