maandag 9 februari 2015

production frame

Today I was able to put the new frame on some wheels to have a good look at it. I have to say that I am rather pleased with the outcome. Of course there are still some spots here and there a test frame may have. Otherwise it wouldn't be a test frame. As soon as it goes into production these little spots will be gone. As you can see on the picture the front tube is quite long and and therefore produces a little bit of flex. As soon as I can test ride the frame I can determine whether that is too much or just enough to provide a comfortable ride.
The seat height on this test frame is 42cm so the bike would be suitable for riders with shorter legs as well.
There will be a pre production run of five bikes. These will come at a better price to make the decision a bit easier for you.
If you are interested in one of the five pre-production bikes, please let me know so we can make an appointment for a test ride, without any obligations of course.

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