dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Happy new year, racing prototype for sale and of course a brief training update

First of all I hope that you all arrived well and in one piece in 2016. I wish all of you a happy new year.

Now that we have arrived in a fresh and new year I thought that it is time to clean up the workshop. That is why I will sell my racing prototype which I have used in the end of last year to conquer the Afsluitdijk together with Mick and a lot of other cyclists for a fresh water project in Kameroen.
Have a look at their website to see what they do.

The bike is as good as new for it has barely ridden 100 km altogether.
Here are some facts:

  • One of a kind bike
  • hand made steel frame
  • 2 x 7 gears easily up-gradable
  • V-brakes front and rear
  • Schwalbe Marathon Supreme front and rear
  • Schwalbe tubes
  • 26 inch Zac 19 aluminium wheels with Shimano Deore hubs, all black
  • Aluminium racing cranks
  • Aluminium stem
  • Aluminium steering, black
  • Alligt seat
  • White metallic powder coating. (I know it looks a bit pink on the pictures, but it really is beautifully white)
  • It has the secret Vrijwiel tool hiding place which I will show you during the test ride.
  • Will be sold with normal pedals (so not the Looks) and without bike computer and rear view mirror!
"If it is such a nice bike, why do you want to sell it?" You might want to ask. Since I am building the Vrijwiel Randonneur and I still have the very first prototype in daily use and for my training I don't really need this bike. I would love to use it, but to be honest, I am more of a "fender and hub dynamo guy". It would be a pity to have this nice little racer sitting in the workshop where nobody can see it. So free it and take it out for a ride! You can ride away on it for only € 1800,00. 

Training is going well at the moment and also during the days between the years. I was on vacation for a few days so forgive me when I didn't cycle then, but for the rest I was able to make some kilometers. I did a test run on the 27th. I had to cycle 240 minutes so I tried if  can make the 100 km in that time. Unfortunately I didn't make it by 1 minute... but hey, I am OK with it. Last Sunday I rode 71 km in 160 minutes.
It seems as I will be even able to make my commuting kilometers again in the coming weeks. So Everything looks good here.

That's it for this week if you are interested in the bike just let me know.

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