dinsdag 20 november 2012

Solo, here we go!

"Oooh yes!" That were most of my thoughts during and after the test ride today in the brand new and almost finished Vrijwiel Solo. I've finished the prototype of the top of the luggage compartment so it was time to test it. Let me be honest with you, I don't think that this part of the bike is very beautiful, you could call it even ugly with all those cracks and bumps in it. I will definitely work it over the coming weeks to make it look a bit better. But man does that thing work! You can feel that the bike is very narrow with just the 75cm width it needs in Holland to be able to ride on the road as well as on the cycling lane. It just cuts through the wind.
I promise that I will make it look a little bit nicer, especially that back top part. Besides that little bugger, testing season has begun. Everyone who is interested may come over for a test ride. Write an email to hallo@olafglasmacher.nl or make a comment.

1 opmerking:

Maciej Dlugosz zei

I am "afraid" that You just cover the front wheels ... and You would get very nearby to Quest... I am serious saying this! Aerodynamics is about shape, material is not so much important. Very nice work!