donderdag 8 november 2012

Solo naked

 As promised yesterday, here are the pictures of the Solo construction. It will be covered in corrugated pp sheet tomorrow. Not long and I will test drive it on the road. I will keep you informed about the facts.

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Maciej Dlugosz zei

How did You make the cone? I mean the front grey spherical part of the streamline body? What kind of material is that?

Maciej Dlugosz zei

I have few more questions:
- how did you bend the tubing? did you use bender? some people use alu-pex tubing which can be bent by hands
- how did You secure tubing with each other - did You use rivetting gun only?
- did You use small pieces of plates to connect tubing at 90 degree angle?
- did You grind the ends of the tubing to get better fit?

I gues that You use 1mm walll thickness, 10mm diamater aluminium

I think that Your setup will be lighter than commercial velomobiles. And the total cost of "making-up-of-a-shell" will be the main advantage.

Thanks in advance for response!

Cheers from Poland!