vrijdag 8 februari 2013

Captain Kirk is done, the bowl stays at home and Vrijwiel is ready for spring

The Captain Kirk experiment is definitely finished now. He was sucking on so much water through the cracks that he became so soft that the front is starting to collaps under the weight. The waterproof woodglue though stays where it is supposed to stay. Too bad that I've already chosen wallpaperglue to do the job, much cheaper and easier to handle. Now it's up to the new test pieces. As soon as I will start the project I will let you know.

Talking about testpieces and bowls, the bowl stays home. Even though a lot of you tryed it, still the right answer wasn't in the mail. Why not make it a bit easier? The beerbrand you can see imprinted in the testpiece is situated in a European country. Maybe that will help you a bit. If the good answer won't be in the mail until  Thursday 14th of february I will have to think about something else...Good luck!

Since you can win a bowl here, you might also be interested in winning the Vrijwiel. Yes you read it right, the Vrijwiel is to be won on Saturday 9th of february during the pancake restaurant organised by Scouting Salwega in Utrecht. First price of the lottery will be a day riding in the Vrijwiel for free! Those of you who where lucky enough to get a seat at the restaurant now have the chance to even go home with a day of "Vrijwieling" in your pocket. May the best eater win!

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