vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Captain Kirk as a softy and a great price to win!

Two weeks now Captain Kirk is sitting in our back yard, enjoying himself and the Dutch weather. He has seen a lot of snow and ice and since the snow is melting, he is almost constantly experiencing the Dutch rain.
What can I say about his survival skills? He is becoming a bit soft around the edges where water can be sucked in by uncovered paper, which was to expect. However, the dome part, except of the last 10cm of the tail, is still in very good (read dry) conditions. This leads to the impression that it is possible to make paper maché waterproof, given you do it a bit better than on this testpiece.

I've made another testpiece, partly because I wanted to try a different shape and partly because I started to enjoy keeping myself busy with paper maché. I've used an aluminium beercooler from a beer brand as a negative mold. This technique leaves such a good surface that you can see the imprint of the brand on the picture.

 And here is the deal:
The first person who provides the name of the brand either in the comments or via email wins one of the very fine, unused test piece bowls.
Lines will close on wednesday, february the 6th at 12:00 AM Dutch time.

Next step will be the production of negative molds for the bike. Any good advise for this project is welcome. Especially those of the "cheap and easy" departement.

2 opmerkingen:

Quezzzt zei

What about its weight ? How light/heavy is it and do you know the diffrence in the same piece in glass fiber ?

Olaf zei

Quezzzt, I will answer your question as soon as I know how much it weighs. Unfortunatly i don't have glass fiber piece to compare it with, but maybe someone here knows how much that would way. It will depend on the number of layers of glass fiber of course.