zondag 20 januari 2013

Captain Kirk on snow patrol and cardboard progress

Captain Kirk enjoys his nice little spot in the garden. The chicken haven't eaten him yet and the cold is no problem for him. I'm waiting for snow to melt, then we can see how much he can handle.

Here you can see him enjoying himself in the snow

I've tested the red paper bowl by pouring in 1 liter of water.
The experiment ended after about 30 minutes. Water slowly went through cracks in the paint layers and softened the paper underneath. 
After the said 30 minutes the bowl was standing in a little puddle and the bottom of the bowl was weakened. After letting it dry on the heater it is hard again, but I see the experiment as partly failed. I didn't test the yellow bowl yet because I saw some cracks in the paint as well, so I can guess what the outcome would be.

 I have been busy with yet another test piece, this time I wanted to combine the sturdiness of the Captain Kirk piece with the good looks a velomobile should have in my opinion. So I made another little bowl.
I've used 4 layers of corrugated cardboard as a base and finished it with another 4 layers of paper using wallpaper glue. I've used a different applying technique this time and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.
After everything is dry I could also use one layer of paper on the inside to give it a smooth finish. this way the possibility of cracks is smaller and it will look so much better.

  Imagine, this is how your future velomobile could look like...

3 opmerkingen:

Birger Landuyt zei

misschien moet je keer proberen om de eerste en laatste laag te maken met aluminium folie.
dun, licht, goedkoop en vooral waterdicht.
en het zal er waarschijnlijk ook nog blits uitzien.

veel succes met je experimenten en doe zo verder

Olaf zei

Jouw idee is wel interessant, ik ga het uitproberen. Plakt aluminiumfolie wel met behanglijm?

Birger Landuyt zei

goed punt.
best 1 kant proberen zodat langs de andere kant de lijm kan drogen en verdampen.

Als het niet kleeft kan je altijd een andere lijm proberen.