vrijdag 11 januari 2013

Vrijwiel goes cardboard

For some people a velomobile is the essence of tree hugging, but if you consider what most of the super chique and super expensive velomobiles consist of you can wonder wether you would have to say "tree hugging" or "oil bathing".
Personally, I don't consider myself much of a tree hugger but I guess there are always people who would have a different opinion on that. However, when I was contemplating about new materials that have to be cheap, easy to get, sturdy, light weight and fun to work with, cardboard popped up in my mind. Usually one wouldn't think of a water dissolving material for a velomobile shell that should, besides other things, protect you from the elements, but why not?
I've already tested normal spray paint as a method of waterproofing the cardboard and today I've tried my hands on a test piece for cardboard laminating. As you can see on the pictures, it still has to dry up and "de-rimple" a bit but the shell on the picture already stands on it's own as a hollow form without the mold.
I'm still prototyping and far from the serious business but I'm positive that I've got something here.
Don't hesitate to leave your opinion.

2 opmerkingen:

Quezzzt zei

I would very much like to see in pictures or writing how you made this. Maybe you could do a Blog page on that some time ;-)

Im up to make wheelspoilers under my Quest somehow and messing with carcinogene substances does not encourage me. This hoewever seems very promising.

Olaf zei

Yes, it is indeed very promising. But I have to say that I am still experimenting with the material. You can find a lot about laminating paper or paper maché on the internet, it is far from a newly invented technique. The only new thing about it, as far as I know, is introducing it to the world of velomobiles.
But however, I can imagine that it will be the right material for your wheel spoilers. Try it out and let me know! Olaf :)