maandag 8 juli 2013

update on cardboard project

Dear reader it's been a while since the last update and quite a lot has happened since then.
The card board body is taking shape. I've finally decided to make three outside pieces, left, right and top front. More pieces are being made for the wheel wells. Today I was able to take off the left half. I'm quite pleased with it even thoug it might not look like a lot to the untrained eye.

The hole in the front will become a wheel well later on in the process.
After taking that off and feeling pleased with myself the universe and everything else it was time to start the right half. It takes about a week to finish the drying process, with this weather maybe a bit less, so given the fact that I want it to be finished (as in the whole velomobile finished!) I have to work double time.
Here you can see the first three layers of paper on the mold for the right half

It dries quickly now, maybe I can already put on the second group of layers tomorrow.
But the best fairing is nothing without a good trio of wheels underneath. Here you can see the new frame. I'm still not too sure about the wheel angles, I will have to try them out as soon as the ordered parts have arrived.

Now you are up to date about what's going on in the Vrijwiel workshop. Since there will be more progress soon, keep an eye on the blog for the latest news.

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Maciej Dlugosz zei

What would You say about this cardboard shell? Was it worth the whole work? Is it 100% waterproof? What is the weight? Does it resonate sounds?