maandag 7 oktober 2013

A good old friend

After enjoying a nice vacation, me and my cardboard velomobile had to face reality again. For me it went quite OK, but the bike had to cope with four days of riding in the pouring rain. It didn't really make it...
So I had to take of the squishy paper maché and find a solution. While building a new paper shell for it I came by a good old friend: Coroplast. I have to say that the Vrijwiel Solo I made out of that material earlier is still in very good shape despite of standing outside 24/7. So why shouldn't I give it another try with all the experience gathered in the meantime?
So I did. I was able to order some plastic in Germany and went to work immediately.
It's not finished yet but I want it to be ready for the road by Wednesday evening.
This is as far as I am at the moment:

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