maandag 21 oktober 2013

Afsluitrace 2013

Today I've signed myself and the new Vrijwiel Solo Prototype in for the Afsluitrace, a race over the whole lenghts of the Afsluitdijk (32 km) and back again (32 km). As far as I know the Vrijwiel Solo will be the only velomobile in this event, a bit odd if you consider the harsh winds, the rain and the low temperature there. I already have a lot of respect for my fellow cyclists who all will be participating on normal racing bikes.
And these cyclists aren't the slowest ones either. Last year the best time achieved was somwhere in the 1h47min region. For a trip of 64 km with strong headwinds, at least in one direction, this is a very good time. So good actually that I wonder If I will even come close to it...but we will see about that.
There's more: The whole race is a fundraising project for Livebuild. You can read all about it here: afsluitrace
And even better: you can sponsor me, to make sure I'm doing my best. 100% of the sponsored money goes to the Livebuild water project. Check it out on afsluitrace and sponsor me, Olaf Glasmacher!