maandag 26 januari 2015

"Meten is weten" or "Why there is so much flex"

Today I spent some time on the test bike again. I just couldn't believe that I was so wrong in my planning. Again the big movement in the steering tube caught my eye and I started measuring steering tubes of other bikes. As expected the inside diameter is 30mm. The tube that I had ordered was 35mm x 2,6mm witch would make an inside diameter of 29,8mm There shouldn't be ant room for movement at all. So I started measuring the ordered tube again. 35mm x 2,0mm !!! Here we go, there is the fault. My calculations haven't been so wrong after all, it was just the measurement of the tube. Therefore my fault was to believe what was written on the order sheet without remeasuring the tube. Lesson learned, I guess. Now I have to wait for a reaction of the steel supplier...

Next thing to do is to refit a new tube and to test the test frame again. I guess that it will have a lot less flexibility then.

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Mick zei

I still got a steering tube in stock for a possible project for 1" bearings. I think bought from Flevobike or Hafa.
For big steel suppliers as a little consumer one is simply not interesting enough to even answer...
Keep up the good works!