zondag 25 januari 2015

test frame first ride

 As planned I made the first short test ride with the test frame and it gave me a lot of new idea's.
Let's start with the front part. You might wonder why it is red. It was laying around in the workshop after I built it for an earlier bike but wasn't able to fit the bottom bracket in it. Fortunately I now have the right tools to make everything fit so I could use it for the test frame. It saved a lot of work.
About the ride: When in hand the frame might feel a bit light on the back fork.The ride though is smooth and controllable. However I will make a few change sin the back arrangement to make the frame a bit sturdier.
The front is where I made a little mistake. unknowingly I've used the wrong size of tubing for the steering tube. This resulted in a tiny movement in the steering tube which again gives the impression that the whole frame might be a bit wobbly. So if you ask me where I will put the most effort in, it's going to be the front...and the back. Did I mention the middle part already? I am very pleased with the seat connectors. And the new height of the seat is not at all a problem, I can't really feel a difference to the lower position. That is why I've decided to lower the seat by about 5 cm again first of all to give achieve  better aerodynamics and second to make the bike accessible for people with shorter legs as well.
Of course it isn't nice to see that you have made a  mistake, but nevertheless I am pleased with the development so far. It's back to the drawing board, but only to make a bike which will be so much better then the prototype. And this frame helps me in doing so.
By the way, I've decided to make a pre-production run of 5 bikes as soon as everything is ready for it. If you are interested in one of the first 5 bikes, let me know, I'll put your name on the list.

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