maandag 14 december 2015

second week of december

Last week I was able to cycle 132 km which is more than last week, but less than I was planning to do. And I'm afraid that the coming two weeks won't be very sportive either. I think it's in the month. December just isn't very fitting for intensive outdoor training. You have to meet friends and family in this weeks, you will eat a lot of good food and drink a lot of alcoholic beverages. Some people complain that December is such a busy month where in reality it is very lazy. I even heared somebody singing that it's the most wonderful time of the year. Let's just agree on the fact that December isn't as bad as a lot of people claim it to be but still isn't the best month to train.
So even though I was lazy in some ways, I was busy enough to prepare a little information stall for the local Christmas market. 
My main goal was to let people know about the brand Vrijwiel as you might see due to a little "sign overload". I got some positive reactions on it so I can book this experience as a good investment for the future. Yes, the bike on the table is the Vrijwiel MBB racing bike which still is a one off, so if you are interested, be quick before somebody else gets it.

Thanks for the informative and nice reactions on my question last week. This week I would like to know how you guys manage to train in December. I am very interested in your answers to this one. And please don't forget the action: "Help Vrijwiel through the winter", you can still get a lot off the price of a new bike. Just spread the word!

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